We have helped large, complex organisations enhance their technology and improve their processes.  Our approach is based on industry-leading practice tailored to resolve an organisation’s unique pain points.  We partner with our clients to combine the best of their organisational knowledge and our understanding of how to best leverage and enhance their progress to date.

Understanding how your peers are performing can help to inform what is possible for your business. We have developed a set of performance metrics that can be tracked across the Source-to-Pay process and compared. We provide additional analysis on what performance level is achievable for your business based on your technology and risk approach. This analysis will help your business focus on what to prioritise as you drive continuous improvement.

To achieve the most efficient Source-to-Pay processes, engaging your suppliers is vital. This is often a challenging to get right and a failure to attain high levels of compliance with suppliers can diminish the benefits from your technology investment and reduce the levels of automation in the process. We have built a Supplier Onboarding toolkit, based on our practical experience of engaging suppliers for clients. It starts with creating a clear communication plan which makes sure that your business stakeholders know why supplier compliance is important and your suppliers know what you need from them. It includes how to track, manage, and continuously drive high levels of compliance.

Buying from a catalogue provides significant process benefits as it ensures that the right products are purchased, at the negotiated price from your preferred or contracted vendors. We can assist you to identify the products and services that can be catalogued and support you to work with the suppliers to maintain high quality content. We can assist to identify which suppliers are suitable for “PunchOut” to an eCommerce website or setup as internally hosted content in your P2P system. We can help you set the target for % of purchases through a catalogue and then deliver that target, with the correct procedures in place across the procurement and finance functions to maintain the benefits.

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