We have the skills and proven experience to deliver technology-led transformation. We work collaboratively with your teams to make sure that projects deliver while coaching team members throughout the project to develop the knowledge and skills to drive ongoing improvements.

We have developed a planning tool that covers the common aspects expected across a procurement transformation. This tested method ensures that the building blocks of a successful delivery are considered, with appropriate resourcing and governance for each stage

·We have developed a persona-led change approach. During design, we group users by persona and use the knowledge gained to plan their change journey. This adaptive approach aids in the creation of meaningful communications and training materials that help to create the most impact.

To make transformation lasting it needs to be owned by the organization and it’s people. We work closely with your teams to develop their capability and ensure the right resources are in place to sustain the transformation and continuously drive improvement.

Your suppliers are an important part of any procurement technology project. We have developed our enablement toolkit that keeps suppliers informed and drives high levels of take-up of efficient electronic trading.

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