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We help you gain actionable insights from your procurement spend data to be able to make great decisions.


Our Savings Insights tool allows us to quickly identify where the best savings opportunities are in your business. We analyse your spend data to improve its quality, identify the savings and focus the efforts of your business. We know procurement functions are under increased pressure to achieve their savings targets and our three-stage approach pinpoints your key areas of focus.

Stage 1

Improve the Quality of your Spend Data

Having good quality data is the first step to pinpoint and discover your savings opportunities. Our specialist analytics engine works to identify categorisation errors and improve the accuracy of your data. We pride ourselves on working with you so our findings are presented back to you for review and approval before we produce an updated spend analysis.

We know that most categorisation issues occur at the point of entry, so we will also help review your existing processes to prevent these errors from happening again.

Promote Consulting - Improve the Quality of your Spend Data. GREEN
Promote Consulting - Identify where the Savings are. GREEN
Stage 2

Identify where the Savings are

Our tool takes performance indicators from your spend data to identify and assess which of your categories and business units offer will offer the best savings opportunities. The analytics engine draws on many years of real-life procurement delivery experience to help you identify how much could be saved.

Stage 3

Validate the Savings Opportunities

Through a series of workshops with your procurement function and business units, we validate the best opportunities that we have identified. This additional stage allows us to discuss any hidden issues or challenges and provides feedback to the data model. We use highly experienced Procurement and Category experts to facilitate these workshops and ensure the savings insights are invaluable to your business.

Promote Consulting - Validate the Savings Opportunities. GREEN

The Outcome

True insights, from quality data, and the confidence to focus your team’s efforts to deliver savings.

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