Our proven approach for designing and implementing procurement solutions


  • Promote have developed a proven digital transformation approach for developing requirements, solution selection and driving adoption to cloud-based procurement solutions.
  • It has been tested and developed with several large and complex public sector as well as private sector organisations.
  • This approach better informs a client’s technology selection activity whilst also enabling the acceleration and de-risking of later programme mobilisation, deployment and adoption activity.



  • Cloud Solutions are designed to be adopted rather than customised therefore it is important to develop clear detailed requirements and success criteria to inform the selection of a solution that best aligns to the outcomes required.
  • This design up-front enables a higher quality procurement outcome reducing the risk of time and cost over-runs that complex digital transformations often experience.
  • Our approach focuses on the to-be state and accelerates the build of specification and associated processes and requirements through the utilisation of our Source-to-Pay Leading Practice Design Toolkit (detailed in the diagram below).
  • Through utilising our toolkit, clients significantly accelerate their requirements and specification development from months to weeks as well as aligning to “best in class standards”. We will follow these key stages:

  1. Initiation
  2. Design
  3. Selection
  4. Review & Handover


Design Toolkit

A flexible commercial toolkit, which includes best practice processes to engage with Service Areas alongside identification and delivery of commercial opportunities. The toolkit was piloted within the Operations area. By improving engagement and using the best-practice toolkit, improved commercial arrangements can be identified.

  • Alongside a Project Delivery Plan is provided, giving detail of anticipated timelines, activities and resource allocation coupled with a table of risks andpossible mitigations.